The Theme of GR SNAPS Vol.12 is “Tokyo Tower”

2024.04.27 BLOG

GR SNAPS will be held for the first time in a long time!

GR SNAPS Vol. 12 will be held in collaboration with Let’s meet at Tokyo Tower. The TTA Project(TTA) with the theme “Tokyo Tower”!

Since this is a collaborative project, not only we GR official writers, but also actor Eita Nagayama and the editorial staff of TTA magazine will join us in the selection. What a surprise!

Tokyo Tower celebrated its 65th anniversary last December. It seems that there are currently a lot of visitors from overseas,There are probably many people who live in Tokyo who have never been to Tokyo Tower, thinking that they can go there anytime they want..

I wonder if many professional photographers have photographed Tokyo Tower at least once? Whether it is sunshine, sunset, or rain, that red tower somehow makes me feel refreshed when I see it. Perhaps it is a feeling similar to that of Mt. Fuji. A special feeling.

We will be accepting entries for a little longer than usual, so we hope you will take the opportunity to visit Tokyo Tower and the Tokyo Tower area.

And the entry method for this SNAPS is a little different from the past, so please be sure to check how to enter beforehand.

*Due to Instagram's system changes, we are no longer able to review all entries simply by tagging and posting. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your cooperation.
■Jury Members
Eita Nagayama, TTA Magazine Editorial Staff, GR Official Members

Selected photographers will receive the original GR cap! Not for sale!
*You can choose either

NEW ERA's GR original cap is available in black and beige. The shapes are also different.

*****GR SNAPS Vol.12 Outline*****

• Entry Period: April 27, 2024 (Sat) - May 31, 2024 (Fri)
*It doesn't matter when the work was taken.

• Theme: “Tokyo Tower”
*Either Tokyo Tower is in the photo or the photo was taken from inside Tokyo Tower

• How to Enter:
Entries for this project must be taken by the applicant using GR series camera(this includes film models) and GXR (using GR lenses).

1) Follow the following two accounts on your own Instagram account
@ricoh_gr_official @tta_keikaku

2) Post your photo on your Instagram account using the following two hashtags
#grsnaps12 #grsnaps

3) Using the form below, enter your Instagram account name and the data of the photo
Please entry from here. ⇒ Entry Form

*Please note that entries from private accounts or those that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered for selection.

• Announcement of Selected Works:
After consultation, 5 works (subject to change) will be selected and announced on GR official around the end of July.

*Those selected will be contacted via direct message on Instagram for the purpose of sending a gift.

• Other:
-Entries will be accepted via Instagram & form entry.
-Selected works may be featured as the main visual of this website.
-Please check the Terms on SNAPS (found in the ABOUT section, link at the bottom).

We are looking forward to your entries!

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