【GRist】Vol.63 Kyosuke Hamao

2024.02.17 BLOG

The 63rd GRist is Kyosuke Hamao!

Kyosuke, who currently works as a freelance photographer, is someone we ask to join us for some GR events. We are looking forward to his presentation at “GR LIVE!(2月23日)


I got my first GR in 2019 when I was living in New York to study design.

Since the GR is ideal for street photography and many world-renowned photographers have loved it for a long time, it was my "dream camera" as I was about to start taking photography seriously, but I couldn't get it for very long.

When I finally got my GR II, it magically became a part of me in an instant, giving me my first experience of being able to capture something in a photograph the moment my brain and five senses perceived it.

With the GR II's portability to go anywhere, outstanding image quality, speed to capture the moment, and attractive art filters, I could not be more excited every day. There hasn't been a day since day one that I haven't had my GR with me.

It has been 5 years since I got my GR. I am currently working as a freelance photographer, and lately I have been interested in photographing ecosystems, including people, cities, nature, and other aspects of life today.

What do we love and live for in this life given to us equally?

To communicate with the people I meet on the street and capture their special charm and life, a compact camera like the GR, to which they can easily open their hearts, is perfect. Likewise, the GR is ideal for snapshots that capture the moment when your five senses respond.

Whenever you want to face your subject or capture an instantaneous scene, you can capture every moment as naturally and beautifully as if you were breathing, giving both photographer and subject dreams and hopes.

It is a camera that will be needed in every age, now and in the future. That is how I feel about the GR.

Kyosuke Hamao
Born in Tokyo in 1991, Kyosuke Hamao spent seven years between the ages of 16 and 23 working as an actor in a variety of productions, including TV dramas, films, stage performances, musicals, and modeling, where he acquired a basic understanding of photography. Later, he attended an art college in New York City, where he studied design and acquired specialized knowledge in photography and art. Currently, while working as a freelance photographer, he visits various places both in Japan and abroad to photograph the lives and lifestyles of all things living in the present. He is also a member of FRAME TOKYO, a photography collective based in Tokyo, to expand the possibilities and richness of photography.

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