【GRist】Vol.59 yokoego

2023.05.19 BLOG

The 59th GRist is yokoego.


It was on a chance trip to the beach that I first encountered GR cameras, and a lot has changed ever since. At the time, I was just a student preparing for my photography entrance exam, and the heavy DSLRs and complex exam subjects were boring me to tears before I even had a chance to enjoy photography. So when the chance came along, I didn't hesitate for long. My friend handed me a GR II and said, "Just shoot whatever you want". I pressed the shutter lightly and captured an image of the sea at dusk, the people rendered in deep blue. And that was the moment when my heavy heart seemed lightened up by that luminous blue. Pressing the shutter without thinking, relying on my intuition, and capturing heart-moving scenes one second in advance: these were the changes that the first chance brought, and since then, I've been growing with the updates and upgrades of Ricoh's GR cameras.
Photography, for me now, is more like a quiet observation. I prefer to keep a distance at first, observing all the strangeness through silhouettes, traces, and unnoticed body movements. Only as I gradually become more familiar with my subjects will I narrow the distance and magnify my observations. I enjoy documenting the little highlights in my everyday life, and I believe they are only visible in my eyes. I'm accustomed to exploring unusual perspectives, capturing common yet easily overlooked details, and being drawn to and guided by themes such as resonance between different things. My observations usually start from the seemingly insignificant moments around me, and through static capture, I transform them into tangible feelings.
There's no contradiction between "cherishing every shutter" and "shooting endlessly": we cherish every moment that moves our hearts, and document every one of them without reservation. I am grateful that the GR camera has been with me to capture many precious moments. Photos do not preserve smells or touches, but they do allow me to relive those scenes and immerse myself once more in them with all my senses. Scrolling through the photos I took, the beautiful memories in my mind are as distant as unreachable mountains, yet suddenly they seem so close: I can taste the salt of the tide in that ocean, hear the laughter in that aquarium, and feel the sting of the wind on my face in that heavy snow. It's almost sad that the joy of modern man seems to lie in the possession of nothing but colorful memorabilia. Fortunately, we can still use cameras to record and rely on photos to imagine.

yokoego, born in Hunan, China, graduated from the Image Arts Department of Nihon University College of Art. Now in Shanghai.

minute. 2019
Pass By.2023

The "End and Start" NUArt Graduation Production Exhibition, Tokyo, 2019
Minute. solo exhibition, Changsha Afteroom, 2019
The Ricoh Department of the "Longli Local Image Festival", Longli Ancient City, Guizhou, 2020
Group Exhibition on "Chance and Imagination", Liangzhu Cultural and Art Center, Hangzhou, 2021
Another, another solo exhibition, Ningbo Meisyakan, 2023
Instagram: @yokoego

写真,对于现在的我而言,更像是一种安静的观察。我习惯保持距离,透过背影、 痕迹、 不被察觉的肢体动作,去观察一切的陌生。而在逐渐熟悉之后,我会拉近靠近的范围,放大我的观察。我喜欢记录日常生活里,那些只出现在我眼里的发光点;习惯于切入不同寻常的视角,摘取常见却易被忽略的细节,被不同事物间的共鸣等这类主题所吸引。我的观察从身边微不足道的瞬间出发,通过静态捕捉,将自我观察变成一种可触碰的感受。

yokoego,出生于中国湖南,毕业于日本大学艺术学部映像艺术研究科。目前作为独立摄影师,居住在上海。2019年,发表首部个人作品集《minute.》。2023年,发表第二部个人作品集《Pass By》。

Instagram: @yokoego

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