[Column] Stories You Write, Photographs We Take / Yukio Uchida

2023.05.26 BLOG

With just a few lines, a city appears where there was none, people come and go, and they begin to speak. It is almost a miracle. Add another sentence and the city takes on color, add another sentence and it takes on sound and smell. Places you have never visited, times you have never lived in, things you have never touched, people you have never met - you can bring them to life with just a few dozen words.

I have always been fascinated by the power of words and the magic of writing.

With photography, however, what a book tries to convey could be presented in a single, still image.

While I am fascinated by writing, I also believe in the power of photography.

There are moments when I feel that even words are powerless. No matter how many words I write, sometimes I cannot accurately express what I see or feel.

That's when a camera is there to capture it.

What would it mean to have two different GRs with different focal lengths in terms of writing?

It would be like having two subjects. Like me and him. Or maybe the GR III is me and the GR IIIx is us, because the wide angle is considered more subjective.

When the small stories of many individuals are gathered together, they become our collective story. This is close to GR's original philosophy.

Our overlapping stories connect us. This must be the world that GR will portray in the years to come.

Yukio Uchida
Born in Ryotsu City (now Sado City), Niigata Prefecture in 1966. Uchida became a freelance photographer after working as a public employee. Besides his commercial work in advertisement and with actors and musicians, he has a reputation for black and white snap shots of people and streets. He also writes for camera magazines and newspapers. His main publications include “Leica to monokuro no hibi (Leica and Days of Monochrome)” and “Itsumo kamera ga (Always with Camera)”. Currently, he also teaches photography and speaks for camera manufactures.

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