Tips for Photographing Night View at Window (KA-TSU)

2018.08.22 BLOG

When you photograph night views, in many cases, you can photograph only through the window glass of a room of a tall building for example. Even with the dim room light, it is quite difficult to avoid its reflection on the window to get in the picture.

By removing the gap between the window glass and the lens as much as possible, it is possible to get rid of the reflection to a certain extent, but that’s not perfect.
You also have to be careful when pressing the lens against the glass because it may cause malfunction.

In my case, I use my jacket or paper to block unnecessary light from behind in the manner of halation prevention.

In the picture on the left, I carefully chose the location, but the reflection can be found on the bottom.
For the image on the right, I used a brochure to prevent the surrounding light to get in (in order to check the reflection, I overexpose it at first).

You can shoot in the same way from an airplane window.
What is more effective is......
Make a lid to put onto the window out of a sheet of paper with a hole for the lens in it.
The following is the picture of an ad hoc lid that I made in a hotel room out of a paper bag from a local super market. I placed the photographic masking tape to cover the surface.

I made a big hole so that I could shoot with a DSLR, but I also used it with the GR.
Here is the result.

Speaking of airplane, there is one thing I keep looking for when I sit at window seats.
It is the shadow of the airplane that I am on.

If you are lucky, you will see a rainbow around the shadow.
It’s a "Brocken spectre." It is known to appear around shadows of yourself or the airplane at high altitude.
When I find it, I get a little excited.

Keep trying new ways of photographing!


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