What is Visual Signature? (Robert)

2021.10.05 BLOG

Ralph Gibson is one of the photographers I admire. He creates great black and white photographs that you can recognize as his work just by looking at them. He calls it "visual signature". In the interview below, he states that a "visual signature" in photography is "something that enables the viewer to instantly know this is the work of a specific photographer."

"Icons of Photography – Iconic Photographer Ralph Gibson 1939 – present"

Listen to his TED speech if you are interested in this kind of topic.

"Finding a Visual Identity in the Digital Age | Ralph Gibson | TEDxFulbrightSantaMonica"

Then a question arises- "How can you create your own visual signature?"

In the age of information today, however, it is harder than ever to create your own visual signature because we are enjoying the overwhelming abundance of visual information, a great part of which consists of photography. You are accustomed to seeing so many photographs of places you have never been to and people you have never seen before. Therefore, whatever photographs you make, they can look similar to someone else's one way or another.

In my opinion, the GR IIIx might give the current GR III users more chances to have your visual signature.

There are three reasons.

The 40mm equivalent GR lens may let you make more abstract images. Longer lenses capture a narrower range of optical information than wider lenses and, in general, the narrower the range is, the less information there is. In order to make abstract images, it's easier if you have less information.

The RAW data of the GR IIIx is so rich and manipulable that you can adjust the parameters of in-camera developer or Phototop to your heart's content, which can help you create your original images.

We have never had a camera equipped with a 40mm lens that's smaller, faster and sharper in image at the same time than the GR IIIx, which can give you more chances to get into the area where no one else has ever been.

All photos taken with GR IIIx

It may not be so easy to have your own visual signature, but I think it's worth trying if you have an artistic goal in photography.


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