【GRist】Vol.42 Masato Terauchi

2020.11.20 BLOG

The 42nd GRist is Masato Terauchi!

Besides being a photographer, he continues to be active in a wide range of genres, including publishing the WEB magazine “PHat PHOTO” and the free paper “Have a nice PHOTO!”, managing photography classes, producing events such as “Onaeba (one of the most famous photo competitions in Japan)”, as well as town revitalization.

Read his article on the previous blog, too.

Masato Terauchi
Photographer / Producer:

Born in Toyama City in 1954.

Having his own unique form of expression, Terauchi has long been noticed for his portrait, landscape, product and architecture photographs. Especially in portrait work, he has photographed more than 6000 celebrities including actors, models, performers and executives. Many of them swear that they only let Terauchi take their pictures.

He has launched "PHaT PHOTO", a photography magazine for young people (currently a web magazine), “PHat PHOTO SCHOOL”, which focuses on training sensibilities, and "Have a nice PHOTO!", a free magazine under the theme of community x photography.

Having managed not only the magazine editorial department but also photography classes and photography events, Terauchi has succeeded in expanding and diversifying his organization. He has been acclaimed by not only the photographer community but the economic community for his unique accomplishments.

He has been offered to revitalize towns because of his eye to grasp the "hidden essence" of all matters and his innovative approaches.

Specializing in a wide range of creative activities by utilizing his creativity as a photographer, he has been expanding his field of activities not only in Japan but also overseas. He has been appointed as a policy advisor to Toyama City since October 2014. In January 2015, he was appointed as the art ambassador of Higashisonogi Town, Nagasaki Prefecture. Kawaguchiko Music Forest Museum Special International Curator. We are expanding our activities .

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