Tokyo Street Snap – Ginza – (ARA)

2020.11.27 BLOG

Supposing Shibuya was the “home” city I've been visiting since I was a student, Ginza would be completely “away” for me.
Especially since Ricoh Imaging Square Ginza was closed, it seems even farther away.

Born and raised in a commuter town in western Tokyo, Ginza for me has been a place where you bite off more than you can chew; you go out there and come home tired.
Becoming over half a century old hasn't changed that feeling much.

GR III, Av mode, 1 / 30s, F6.3, ISO200
It may look like a multiple exposure, but it's a single exposure. I used the reflection of the polished store window. The “Clarity” in the image control is set to +4 to give a sharp impression.

Store windows of a luxury boutiques with Italian sport cars parked on the street.
In Ginza, you can sense wealth in Japan is properly distributed.
It's a world unrelated to my life. Let's enjoy it as a feast for the lens.

GR III, Av mode, 1/400s, F2.8, ISO1600

Although I am a genuine commoner, the place makes me straighten myself and behave more elegantly.

The same applies to snapshots. For some reason, my mindsets change when I go there. I feel like taking good photos equivalent to the elegance of this city.
That's probably why I'm attracted to Ginza.

GR III, Av mode, 1/100s, F2.8, ISO1600


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