【GRist】Vol.32 Yuji Tozawa

2020.05.08 BLOG

The 32nd GRist is Yuji Tozawa!

I remember last year at "GR meet Moji", Yuji Tozawa had a walk with about 50 participants in the scorching sun. Please also read the report from the meet, if you are interested.

You can see the photos on TOP page or on GRist page.

About GR
I usually use an SLR for my job and shoot with a conscious composition, but in daily snap shooting for my art work, the GR is ideal because pressing the shutter in response to the spinal reflexes to capture unexpected moments turns out better than expected and the it responds to that with its simplicity as an extension of my fingertip. In addition, the GR makes a perfect balance between the right weight and the full density inside the body. It’s compact enough to fit in your palm but heavy enough to prevent shaking. It’s is my best companion to get closer to the essence of photography.

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1964. Graduated from Tokyo College of Photography. Became a freelance photographer after having worked for Shukan Asahi magazine as a gravure photographer. Became an assistant for Shinya Fujiwara. He works on documentary of individuals, portraits, CD jackets, artist photographs, and travel photography with writers. Currently, he presides over "Tokyo Four Seasons Photowalk Workshop" with photographer Koichi Akagi and his own workshop "Let's talk about Photography while Photowalking" at Carotype Photoworks in Ichigaya, Tokyo.


Photo exhibitions include
"Tokyo Mode 90's" (1997 @Doi Photo Plaza)
"Kajimaya (Windmill celebration) -Illustrations over islanders-" (2012 @ Shinjuku Epsite)
“Hikari no arika (Where the Light is)- Hokusei Gakuen Yoichi High School creating the future" (2019 @Pictorico Gallery)

“Tabisuru sakka (Travel Writer) Hiroyuki Itsuki 2001-2006" (Kodansha), etc.

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