【GRist】 Alao Yokogi in July

2018.07.06 BLOG

In the GRist section, we started with posting photos one by one every Friday.
However, from this time on, we will post four photos at once.
(There may be month when we introduce more than one person...)

In July, Alao Yokogi- the master of street photography.
In his slide & talk in the GR meet in Osaka we held the other day, he talked passionately about his own style and attitude of snap shooting.

"It’s too late to release the shutter when you feel impressed. In that sense, your camera may be foreseeing the future."

"Both F1 and taxi drivers are professional. Some amateur drivers are better than taxi drivers. It makes no sense wondering whether you can become a professional. Decide to be one. " etc.
Everyone listened enthusiastically.
Enjoy the pictures of Alao Yokogi!


Alao Yokogi
Becomes a freelance photographer in 1975.
Active in many genres such as advertisement, fashion, show business, nude, documentary etc.
Currently supervises CRP- digital photo book production.

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