【GRist】Vol.31 Tatsuo Iizuka

2020.04.24 BLOG

The 31st GRist is Tatsuo Iizuka!

Mr. Iizuka is one of the photographers who have a strong connection with Ricoh cameras, taking photographs for the catalogs of the RICOH CX and GXR series, and talking on the stage of CP+. He has lived for about 15 years in Higashikawa, Hokkaido, the town of photography, and continues to take beautiful pictures. He is a town council member too.

Please also read his previous GR Blog article(Japanese only).

The photos can be viewed on GRist page.

Tatsuo Iizuka

Born in Osaka in 1968. After graduating from the Faculty of Humanities at Shizuoka University, Iizuka worked for a major interior manufacturer, but did not find it rewarding and left the company in five years. For half a year, while living in a car, he immersed himself in landscape photography, which still was a hobby the time, and moved to Hokkaido in 1996. Worked for a photo studio in Furano and became a professional photographer. Since then, he has worked in the joy that his photos can please people. While running a photo studio "Photo Season" in Higashikawa, the city of photography, he continues to take pictures of everyday scenes of Hokkaido. Higashikawa town council since 2019.


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