Passionate blog contribution from a RICOH colleague in China.

2019.11.22 BLOG

Hello everyone. My name is Ziao Ning.

I am currently a Ricoh Imaging (Shanghai) employee, responsible for product education and marketing. If you have recently participated in a GR event in China, you may have met me at the venue.

I joined Ricoh Imaging three years ago (October 24, 2016). I am a heavy user of GR DIGITAL myself. For a long time, I have always carried my GR like a partner and, for me, it is like a necessity for my daily life. That is why I feel a strong sense of responsibility and mission for my current job.

In 2006, when I traveled to Tibet, I saw a wonderful landscape that I couldn't leave without commemorating. So I took some pictures with the GR DIGITAL. At that time, since I wasn't used to RAW development, I shot them all in JPEG. The photos from this angle are taken by many so you can easily see the difference. The GR DIGITAL was not well known in China at the time, but everyone was amazed at how wonderful it was to be able to take such a great image.

Back then, I often surprised others with the GR DIGITAL in this way. According to a Chinese proverb, I was “pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger.”

GR DIGITAL, Yamdrok lake, Tibet, 2006

As part of my work, I receive various information and comments fromt the users through the web. In addition to product feedbacks, they have discussions about the company's performance and, one time, they even analyzed the Ricoh Group's financial statement. The GR fans seem to be more interested in the company and knowledgeable about the company’s status than its employees, which is rare to see in other companies. With the GR fans being passionate, I am determined to do my best to make the work truly impressive.

“Passionate Chinese GR fans. Photos from Weibo.”

“Don’t just buy it because a new GR has been released. Use the GR you already have. Use it like a tool until some of its outer parts have been rubbed off. That is our wish." That was the message we sent to GR fans through the web after the announcement of the new GR III last year.

More and more new cameras are released, but for the GR, the most important thing is to use it like a tool. Keep track of your daily life with your GR every day, and those photos will become valuable as the time goes by. The GR is like your important friend that you can trust and always be with.

The small camera GR is an essential part of my life journey. Anyone can become a photographic creator with it because you can easily take it out and enjoy taking pictures.

Go out with your GR now!
I look forward to seeing you at GR events.

(Ziao Ning)

#Original text


由于我本身就是 GR Digital 第一代的用户,多年来的如影随形,GR 已经成为了我生活的必需品。也正是这样,我对这份工作多了一份仪式感和使命感。

2006年,我带着 GR Digital 去了西藏,拍了这张几乎每个游客都会拍摄的照片。(那时也还没有拍摄DNG格式后期调整的习惯,全部都是直接生成JPG格式)
正是因为大家都会拍摄这个角度,有了比较。毫不起眼的 GR Digital 所拍摄的效果让同伴们为之惊叹!

然而,这确实是那时用 GR Digital 经常干的事情,扮猪吃老虎(中国俗语)。


“不要仅仅因为它是新的 GR 相机而去购买和拥有它,我们更愿意鼓励您去使用您已经拥有的那个 GR ,直到它充满岁月的印痕!”
这是去年 GR III 开发公告发布后我们在网上和用户分享的一段话。

电子产品的更新发展日新月异。对于GR来说,我觉得更重要的是陪伴(使用),你每天使用它,它为你记录人生,随着时间的推移,这些照片会更加弥足珍贵!而 GR 就是你的老朋友,忠实、可靠,随叫随到!
GR 就是这样一台小小的相机,它陪着我一同行走在岁月的旅途中。


期待,能在 GR 分享活动上遇见你!


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