Announcing the Second “View with GR” Selections!(Machuko@)

2019.08.02 BLOG

Thank you everyone for participating in the header photo recruitment "View (Landscape) with GR" for the second time!

Although it was for the first time in about a year, we received as many as more than 200 applications in total on Instagram and Twitter.

And, to our delight, among them, we saw many images of the GR III!
Thank you so much!

This time, there were images that some different methods (?) had been applied to or had different atmosphere than the last time. All the writers had fun discussing "that is good" and "this is good" and have chosen 5 works.

We will start using them as header photos today!

Congratulations! you43n_stilllife
Surrounded by elegantly colored flowers, the GR looks calm.


------------------------❈ . . . tool: @fujifilmjp_x #XT3 + XF56mm . . . @ricoh_gr_official #gr_top . #ricohgr #GR3 #fujifilm_xseries #今日もX日和 #fujixfam #reco_jp #IGersJP #ig_japan #as_archive #art_of_japan_ #screen_archive #Instagram #instagramjapan #tokyocameraclub #ig_photooftheday #東京カメラ部 . #artwork #art #tv_living #tv_stilllife #still_life_gallery #stilllife #stilllifephotography #TV_NEATLY #flowerstagram #flower #floweroftheday . . .

Yuri Takahashi|高橋 優里さん(@you43n_stilllife)がシェアした投稿 - yuichi_shirayama
A casually placed GR and a wallet. The degree to which those tools have been well-used indicate how much the owner loves them.



Yuichi Shirayamaさん(@yuichi_shirayama)がシェアした投稿 - aquablue_skyblue
Is the background a yukata kimono? I was attracted to the blue tone spread across the entire picture. noguchitomohiro
A metallically sharp looking GR behind a thick leaf. I didn’t notice the author was one of us while selecting ... but I have chosen it anyway! tsuyoshiyoshimura
A GR passed on to the daughter. A very happy image for the "GR" that wants to be used beyond generations, until it is full of scratches.


#gr_top #gr3 買ったから #grdegital3 を娘へ

Tsuyoshi Yoshimuraさん(@tsuyoshiyoshimura)がシェアした投稿 -

Please keep in your mind that we will continue this project and take a photo whenever you find something or a place that looks cool or wonderful with your GR (this may be a fanatic way of thinking, though)!

Thank you!


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