【GRist】Vol.22 Ai Iwane

2019.07.03 BLOG

In 2019, Ai Iwane attracts the public attention by winning the 44th "Kimura Ihei Award" for her first photo book "KIPUKA." Keep your eyes on her future work.

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ー Impression
A week ago, as soon as I returned from NYC, I went to Fukushima, and have been in Naha since yesterday. Even when I'm on the go, I can always have the GR in my bag. With the camera with a prime lens, I can take a photo at the moment I see something. That is very important in terms of senses.

ー Profile
Ai Iwane
Iwane was born in Tokyo. She relocated to the United States and enrolled in Petrolia High School in 1991. She led an off-grid and self-sufficient life while studying. In 1996, she became an independent photographer after working as an assistant back in Japan. Since 2006, she has focused on the Japanese community’s culture in Hawaii and she settled her second base in Miharu, Fukushima in 2013. Since then, she has continuously examined the relevance between Hawaii and Fukushima from the aspect of immigration and put her research into her works. In 2018, she published the first collection of her work “KIPUKA” (Seigensha Art Publishing) and won the the 44th Kimura Ihei Award.


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