GR III Released! (NOGUCHI)

2019.03.27 BLOG

Thank you for your patience. Yes, we finally did it!
In Japan, it was released on March 15!
I visited some major retailers in Tokyo on that day and really liked their displays. Thank you.
I’m excited to hear your reviews.

One apology.
ImageSync- a smartphone application compatible with the GR III- is currently under development and is expected to be released in late April.
Some of you may have wanted to connect Bluetooth and WiFi right after purchasing it but please be patient until the app is released.
(According to an evaluation by the team, image transfer will be much faster.)

Let me share with you some of my photos I took with its prototype.
They may not be snap shots though.
(The last photo was taken with a different camera)

The above pictures were no-retouched JPEG images in Aperture Priority Program Auto and with ISO AUTO (limit 6400).

Where do I want to go next with the GR in my pocket?♪


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