【GRist】 Vol.15 Mina Daimon

2019.02.04 BLOG

The 15th GRist is Mina Daimon. She is really on a roll now.
Take a look at her handsome pictures.

View her photos GRist corner.

Mina Daimon

Born in Kanagawa prefecture.
Began her career as a photographer with the exhibition at RICOH’s photo gallery RING CUBE in 2011.
Received Honorable Mention in International Photography Awards 2017.
In addition to her artistic work, she collaborates actively with camera makers and other companies.
Her solo exhibitions include "Portugal" (RING CUBE), "Hama" (Canon Gallery Ginza etc.).
In November 2018, her photo book "Hama" (Akaakasha) was released.

Web site: https: //www.minadaimon.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/minadaimon/

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