Cool Off with Water Photography (Minew)

2024.06.14 BLOG

(Translated from the original post on August 30, 2023)

Hello, this is Minew! I hope you are doing well in the continuing summer heat.

We haven't had much rain this season and suddenly we're in the middle of summer. For those of you who feel that something is missing, let's cool off with some "watery" photos.

I have chosen photos from the past that have a lot to do with water. Well taken photos give you a sense of the surrounding temperature, humidity and even the air. I would be happy if they made you feel a little cooler.

GR III, P mode, ISO200, 1/800sec, F3.5, -1.0EV, WB: Auto, 35mm Crop

Here is the first one. After the rain, the water pooled on the large taro leaf. The surface of the leaf has a fine texture that repels water, so the water floated on the surface and the bottom of the leaf reflected a silver color. The water looked like a living thing, changing shape and swaying.

The water itself has no color, so I photographed it with an awareness of reflection and transparency. The reflection depends on the angle of view, the standing position, and how the sky is reflected, so I moved around and took a lot of pictures to get the best position for this shot.

GR III, P mode, ISO400, 1/200 sec, F2.8, -1.0EV, WB: Auto, Retouched (Crop)

This shot was taken by the mountain stream in the highlands. Many small drops of water were lined up on the edges of the jagged young leaves. This image reminds me of the sound of the stream and the fresh air.

GR III, P mode, ISO400, 1/80sec, F9.0, -0.3EV, WB: Auto, Crop 35mm

This little guy was working hard in the pouring rain. If you look closely, you can see that the shell is rolled counterclockwise, which is actually very rare. The name of this snail is Hidarimaki maimai, which means counterclockwise rolled snail (I have a habit of checking the direction of the roll whenever I see a snail). The texture of the slimy body surface and the uneven pattern on the inside of the shell were captured well, as expected from the GR's descriptive power.

GR IIIx, P mode, ISO200, 1/400sec, F5.0, -0.7EV, WB: Auto, Retouched (Crop)

The last photo is a stream of water I saw in my neighborhood. The weather was fine and the sun was strong in the morning. The light refracted off the surface of the stream, creating a unique pattern. I watched the white bubbles and the flow for a while without getting bored.

* * * * * *

I hope you felt a little cooler. It looks like the hot days will continue for a while. Please take care.

See you soon!


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