New Year’s Greeting

2024.01.01 BLOG

Happy New Year 2024!

How are you spending your New Year’s holiday?

This year, many of you may be taking a slightly longer New Year's holiday by using your paid vacation days (taking the 4th and 5th off).

We at GR official will continue to travel around the country this year with ‘GR meet 47’ and hope to create more opportunities to meet you at in-person events. There are so many things we want to do that we always have fun worrying about it. Stay tuned for more information as we announce them one by one.

I wish each and every one of you a fruitful, happy and wonderful 2024. I know this may sound a bit clichéd, but I hope to stay healthy and well.

With gratitude for the New Year, the members of GR official would like to share with you their ‘New Year's Photo’ and best wishes for the New Year!


This year, I want to enjoy photography through trial and error.


I hope that this year will bring me many encounters with beautiful landscapes and heartwarming scenes of everyday life.


With a refreshed heart, I want to find something beautiful, things that touch my heart, and take lots of pictures with my GR.

It's not about taking pictures, but I want to be able to capture the moments and fun times of everyday life without getting in the way. I also want to take more New York snapshots this year!


I saw red wings flapping in the sky. I hope I can fly this year to help a GR meet somewhere far away.

Looking back on last year, I still have vivid memories of the extreme heat. It was really a tough summer for street photography. I hope this year we will have milder weather all the time.

I will try to spend my time interested in the world and people, so that I can be moved by small surprises and discoveries around me.

Last year, I traveled all over Japan for GR meet 47, met a lot of people, and received a lot of inspiration. I hope to have good meetings again this year.

I want to make this year a year to “enjoy everyday life!”

I hope to visit many more places and meet many more people this year. I wish you a happy, cheerful, energetic, and healthy year.

We look forward to seeing you again this year.

(All GR official staff)

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