The Theme of GR SNAPS Vol.11 is “Street Snap”

2022.02.04 BLOG

We are going to hold the first GR SNAPS in 2022!

This time, the theme is “Street Snapshot”.
Yes, yes! Street Snapshot!

Many of you may think that is what GR is known for, right?

And this time, GR SNAPS is different from usual. It's going to be a “special project”.

What's special about it is that the works selected will not only be announced and posted on the GR official website, but will also be posted on Ricoh's official GR website (product page).

We are also thinking of having them printed and displayed in a similar manner to the “GR Bar” event we held before (We will monitor the conditions of COVID-19 and consider the appropriate timing of the event).

For that reason, please make sure that you have the original data for the work you are submitting.

Also, when you submit your work, please make sure to include the model name of the camera with the hashtag! ( e.g. #gr3 for the GR III, #grdigital for the GR DIGITAL, etc.)

And more!
This time, professional photographers Robert Adachi and Tomas H. Hara will be in charge of selecting the works!

With the addition of the GR IIIx, we are really looking forward to seeing how the expression of street snapshots has been expanded.

We're excited to see your street snapshots!
Please feel free to participate.

★GR SNAPS Vol.11 Special Judges

Robert Adachi

Tomas H. Hara

*****GR SNAPS Vol.11 Outline*****

Application Period: February 4, 2022 (Fri) - February 20, 2022 (Sun)
*It doesn't matter when the work was shot.

Theme: “Street Snapshot”
How to apply:
1. Follow the official GR account on Instagram (ricoh_gr_official)

2. During the above recruitment period, on your Instagram account, post your entry with the following two hashtags
#grsnaps11 #grsnaps

3. Specify the name of the GR model you used in the hashtag
e.g. #gr3 for the GR III, #grdigital for the GR DIGITAL, etc.
*We will contact you via the Instagram DM function after we have selected the works. If your account is private, you will not be selected. If we do not receive a reply from you for 3 days after we contact you, you will not be selected.

Announcement of the Selected Works
The selected works will be announced on the GR official website and posted on the Ricoh GR's official (product) page in mid-March or later. 
*Those selected will be contacted individually using the DM function of Instagram and asked to send the original data (image file) of their work.
*The number of works to be published is yet to be finalized. 

-The selected works may be featured in the main visual of this website and other places.
-Submissions to this competition are only limited to photos taken by the applicant with the GR series, GR DIGITAL series, or GXR (with GR lens).
-Please check the Terms on SNAPS (found in the ABOUT section, link at the bottom).

We're looking forward to your submissions!

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