【GRist】Vol.30 Takashi Shikano

2020.04.10 BLOG

The 30th GRist is Takashi Shikano

Mr. Shikano is a commercial and editorial photographer and, for a long period of time, has worked closely with people and streets. You can feel dynamism of people and streets from his once-in-a-lifetime snap shots.

In the past, he made a series of works with our compact digital camera RICOH PX ( do you remember it ??).

Please take a look at Mr. Shikano's work taken with the GR.
The photos can be viewed on GRist page.

About GR
To me, who usually use standard lenses for both commercial and art work, the GR’s focal length equivalent to 28mm is almost a super wide angle. It's difficult because you get so many things in it, but it can be interesting once you are into it and surprise you by accidents. It's really fun to be able to capture and manipulate the whole world in the palm of your hand. In the past, the depth of field was an advantage of the GR DIGITAL series and they had the impression of cameras for snap shooting. The current GR series with an APS-C format sensor has an improved ability to receive light. The more difficult the situation is, the better results you get. Photographers have no reason not to use it anymore because it can fit in their pocket.

Takashi Shikano
Born in Tokyo in 1974. Graduated from Tama Art University. In addition to working for magazines and advertisements, he is also a lecturer at Nihon University College of Art, Department of Photography, and Saitama Prefectural College of Arts. Shikano continues to take snapshots and photograph people's lives in various places. His exhibitions photobooks include, "Kanno no reiho shichimensan" (Konica Minolta Plaza / Heibonsha Publishing), “Photo Studio in Japan's Smallest Town (nihon ichi chiisana machi no shashinkan) Hayakawa, Yamanashi" (Shinjuku Nikon Salon / Heibonsha Publishing).


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