Ask Daido Moriyama! (Machuko@)

2020.02.05 BLOG

"Nippon Gekijo Shashincho = Japan: A Photo Theater" ©Daido Moriyama

"Light & Shadow" ©Daido Moriyama

Hello! It’s Machuko@- the admin.

As we announced today on the Ricoh Imaging site, we will have a special stage "GR Special Talk" at CP+ this year.

From 13:40 to 14:40- as long as one hour- on March 1st (Sun), the last day of CP+ 2020, the former Ricoh manager Tomohiro Noguchi will interview Daido Moriyama. Two of them will be on stage for the first time since the new GR launch event in 2013.

Since this is a rare opportunity, we would like you to give us questions to ask Daido Moriyama.

Mr. Noguchi is planning to talk about photography rather than camera (GR). He wants questions from not only GR users but also those who take snapshots.

From simple questions from beginners to profound questions from advanced amateurs, any questions will be welcome. We will pick some and ask Daido Moriyama on the day. We accept questions internationally. Please let us know what you want to ask Daido Moriyama!

I’m excited what this one-time special stage will be. Please come and visit us on the day!

Questions will be accepted via the form below. The deadline is February 16 (Sun).

Left: Daido Moriyama Right: Tomohiro Noguchi

2013 GR Launch Event @TABLOID

Report of "GR Special Talk" will be posted on GR official at a later date.

Thank you!


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