“GR official” Opened (NOGUCHI)

2018.05.25 BLOG

Hi, this is NOGUCHI.
We have launched the RICOH GR official community site "GR official."

Although there are many brand sites that are aimed to transmit information as our own media, we hope to make “GR official” a place to think about and create various projects themselves together with the fans.

It is not a place simply to collect and send information. Our vision is that various activities across reality and web will be spreading from here as a starting point. Beyond the framework of sales promotion, our goal is to make the activities and site themselves like GR, or more GR than the products.

Nonetheless, it is handcrafted management by Ricoh employee volunteers. We will do them one by one slowly by believing in the power of our content. We will not try to increase the number of followers by advertisement or other technical means. Because we don’t want to see the “users” as a number or a chunk. We would like to cherish the spread of the GR circle by being connected with every single "fan" each day.

In April 2018, “GR official” has launched!

Let us hope we will be able to look back the path with a smile together with you, say in ten years.

* Update information will be available on Facebook and Twitter. Please follow us by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the page.


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