Enjoyed Snapshots of Pioneer (KYO)

2019.01.23 BLOG

I went to a photo exhibition for the first time in a long time.
Snapshots of Paris by the king of snapshot Ihei Kimura at a department store in Tokyo.

Looking at great snapshots taken by the pioneer, my imagination expanded beyond the work-
· What were seen outside the composition
· What were seen before and after the moment of shooting on the time axis
· How the photographer's mind moved

The exhibition’s theme was Paris in the 1950s and color street snaps taken by Ihei Kimura were mainly exhibited. Color films, newly introduced to the market, were used. The ISO sensitivity (formerly called ASA!) at the time was 10!

Ihei Kimura liked the Leica and a fast 50 mm lens in combination. He photographed Paris feely despite the fact that low film sensitivity at the time made it difficult to shoot in such situations as dusk, night town, indoors, etc.

If you look carefully at the pictures, you will notice people walking quickly even during the day are blurred. You can tell that they were taken with a slow shutter speed indeed.

Now that we are in the age of digital cameras, we enjoy a great advantage especially about sensitivity.

By looking at the master’s photographs, I had a chance to think about my shooting style, because his intensions and compositions at the moment of shooting were reflected in his images.

Well, the newly announced GR III has a new sensor and image stabilizer, I am very much looking forward to how good it is for street snaps.

Night snaps with the GR II.
In my case, while walking and looking at people and town, I put my serendipity antenna sensitive and prepare for what will unfold in the few seconds ahead.

I feel quite happy when people's movements, expressions and my compositions match on the intended time axis.

In the expanded field to photograph with the new GR III, the images may look different.

See you.

All photos taken with the GR II


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