【GRist】Vol.62 Supasit Srisawathsakさん

2024.01.05 BLOG

GRist 62人目は、タイから。「GR PHOTO FESTIVAL2023」の審査員でもある、Supasit Srisawathsakさんの登場です。


Supasit Srisawathsak
コンパクトカメラは彼のお気に入り。小型でコンパクト、パワフルで信頼性が高いため、毎日手にしている。彼は常にGR IIIとGR IIIxの両方を持ち歩き、人生の一瞬を切り取るために使用している。





そして、数あるカメラの中からGRを見つけた。 最初はもちろん、GRが私のニーズを満たせるかどうか半信半疑だった。



Supasit Srisawathsak
A commercial photographer, and also a teacher in universities based in Bangkok, Thailand.
When he is free from work, he loves to spend time traveling around and is fascinated to capture a moment of creative, colorful graphics in daily life.
The compact camera is his favorite and he carries it in his hand every day because the camera is small, compact, powerful, and reliable. He always carries both GR III and GR IIIx all the time to use them to capture a moment in life.

I took my first photo with a snapshot compact camera when I was a kid on a school trip. I didn't know much about the camera, but I really wanted to take a lot of pictures to show my mom. Thanks to the user-friendly interface that made it easy to take pictures, I became fascinated with photography.

For many years in my career, I took a lot of pictures on film with SLRs and medium format cameras.

I loved the complexity of setting up the cameras and the lighting so much that I forgot about small, compact cameras for a while.

As a photographer, I've used many camera systems, from the film age to the digital age.

Some of them are great and some lack a lot of things that photographers need, and I have learned to recognize which camera is the one I really want for my daily life.

After work, I like to capture moments of my life, the street and many other things. I've been using modern mirrorless cameras in my daily life for many years, not only because of their speed, sharpness, interchangeable lens system and reliability, but also because of their size and weight.

Since I travel and jump around a lot, I started looking for an easy-to-use, lightweight and reliable camera.

I finally found the GR among many on the market. At first, I was naturally skeptical about whether it would meet my needs.

Now that the GR has been in my hands every day for about half a year, there is no more doubt that it meets my needs.

It's small, lightweight, discreet, and it always delivers great image quality. You can see my impression and imagination of the GR by looking at my work.

It stays with me all the time as part of my body now.



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